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Gaspardo Corazza

CORAZZA is a versatile offset mulcher for grass and woody material up to 10 cm in diameter.  Strong and reliable, it has been designed to offer unbeatable performance in the field for dealing with green space areas, as well as brushwood and thick prunings, proving an essential piece of equipment for farmers and contractors to have in their arsenal. CORAZZA comes in working widths ranging from 1.55 to 2.3 m and is designed to work with tractors with a horsepower of up to 80 HP.



HEAVY-DUTY construction

CORAZZA features a HEAVY-DUTY frame. The electronically balanced rotor is 168 mm in diameter and 10 mm thick, with tools mounted in a spiral arrangement. Drive belts can be tensioned simply and easily by means of a practical external screw system. Belts are toothed for greater efficiency and performance.

Collecting rake kit

For finer mulching of the residue, CORAZZA can be accessorized with adjustable collecting rakes. Residue is retained under the hood, allowing it to be broken down further to a given size.

Hydraulic offset: unrivalled comfort

Providing even more practical use while on the job, CORAZZA can also be ordered with hydraulic offset. This allows the operator to control offset positioning without leaving the tractor’s cab. A hood that can be opened for maintenance purposes, rear steering wheels and an array of accessories – like the adjustable collecting rakes – add to an already comprehensive complement of standard equipment.

Damage-prevention spiral rotor

To work safely on stony ground, there is the option of a rotor with tools fitted in a spiral arrangement on damage-prevention mounts.

Counter blades, internal housing inside hood & collecting rakes

CORAZZA features a toothed lower counter blade welded to the internal housing inside the hood: this system ensures more effective mulching. For even greater performance, the machine can also be ordered with the optional upper counter blade, complete with protective hood liner. Another valuable accessory consists in collecting rakes that retain residue in the cutting chamber for finer mulching.

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Can't find a product?

Contact us an we’ll get it for you